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What are the top three uses for social media among marketers? According to one report, the top three uses for social media are:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Marketing Campaign
  3. Content Marketing

These are interesting responses (to a survey question), but what is even more interesting is the breakdown between agency client responses and marketing agencies. It breaks down like this:

  • Brand awareness: 64% clients; 61% agencies
  • Marketing campaign: 44% clients; 37% agencies
  • Content marketing: 37% clients; 38% agencies

The overwhelming category for social media marketing is as a brand awareness channel. A full 20% of clients consider social media a brand awareness channel over anything else while 24% of agencies do so. That’s a pretty big margin.

Another observation regarding brand awareness and social media as marketing campaigns is that more clients see it this way than agencies. Agencies don’t start outweighing client responses until we get to the content marketing category. Then everything below that — customer service, retention, and sales — is weighted more toward agencies.

The third observation is that both agencies and clients each see the hierarchy of importance for social media as the same right down the line, with one notable exception: Agencies see social media as content marketing as slightly more important than social media for marketing campaigns (by 1%).

So what does all this mean?

To me, the categories are not altogether distinctive. Brand awareness and marketing go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, content marketing and marketing campaigns (particularly online marketing) are not inseparable. It seems to me that social media can be all of these, and should be.

When it comes to marketing your business through social media, define your end goals first. Then, strive to meet them through consistency.

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