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News stories like this one remind us how social the web really is – and in truth, always has been. One term I’m seeing more and more is “hyperlocal.” But in this context, it has to do with social media.

The firm also says that even though the web is world-wide, its emerging power is hyperlocal.

What on earth could this mean?

I think it means that local small businesses trying to optimize for social media can relax and take in the breath of fresh air that social media is beginning to reach into its hyperlocal roots. That is, local small businesses can leverage social media to connect with local customers, drive more local traffic to their websites, and build relationships without getting too wrapped up in search engine lingo and the search marketing rat race. Instead, you can build a solid relationship with your neighbors on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter and take social media to the local level.

The next phase in social media optimization, I’m convinced of it, is hyperlocal.

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