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One of the fastest growing trends online is the use of social media as an internal or cross-partnership communication tool. And that’s good news.

As a marketing agency, we’re always happy to help our clients improve their online marketing through social media. But we’re also realistic enough to know that there’s more to this business tool than merely flapping your own pride. In its essence, social media is a relationship-building tool.

That’s what marketing is, isn’t it? Relationship-building?

Yes of course. But relationship-building extends beyond that one domain. It also includes building relationships with your partners, suppliers, and the general public. And that’s what more and more companies are doing with social media today. They’re building solid relationships that improve their efficiency, business processes, and bottom line.

If it helps your business grow, it’s good. If it makes your business more profitable, it’s good. If you are more efficient as a result of adopting a new business tool, then it’s all good.

That’s why Reciprocal Consulting encourages you to think outside the box. Don’t just do social media because you heard it’s good marketing. Use it because it helps your business, helps your clients, helps your partners and suppliers, and because it just makes good sense to use a smart tool.

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