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So you’re new to the world of online business and you’re wondering how and where to start your social media marketing. First – welcome and join the club because doing business online is a continual learning experience.  Social media is not that hard to crack. As a social experience, however, transferring that to income generating traffic is not as easy.

There are several approaches that you can take to ease your way into social media marketing. Each requires a little time and effort, but each will over time help to build your reputation and your authority within your business niche. The following four approaches are tried and tested and work well for almost any niche.

Creating Your Own Business Blog
  – business blogs are underrated by many and perhaps overrated by others. However, a well written blog that informs or entertains readers will always develop a following of readers. Those readers can and will become customers over time. Just be sure to communicate with them when they leave comments.

Becoming Involved With Other Blogs
– find, read, and comment on other blogs within your niche. Don’t spam, and only participate in conversations where you can add knowledgeable value. Readers to that blog will, over time, come to check your blog and who you are.

Get Involved With Niche Related Forums – one of the oldest forms of social marketing is through a forum. In fact, forums were around before the internet as we know it existed. As with blogs, participate in conversations where you can add value to the conversation.

Create A Facebook Presence – a Facebook presence is almost a must today. You should consider creating a Fan Page where you can actively promote your products and your business. Facebook can be slower than the other three to generate a following, and traffic to your business will be slower as well. However, over time it too will develop a reliable following, all of whom are potential customers.

Those four social media marketing channels are not that hard to crack. They will require a little time and effort, but if you put in the hard time, the rewards will be significant.

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