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Does social media marketing have a limitation when it comes to local business? There must surely come a time when you have reached out to almost everyone in your demographic market. While I doubt there are that many businesses that could claim to have touched every possible customer in their region, there does come a time when your growth in followers drops to a trickle.

This is not necessarily a negative to your business although I am sure you could broaden your demographic base if you wanted to. For small businesses servicing a small geographic region, that limitation in follower numbers can actually work to your advantage. It’s much easier to become more social with a thousand followers, for example, than it is to ten thousand.

In that environment, it can be easier to convert those followers into customers (if they are not already). If your geographic base is relatively small, then there is a good chance that most of your followers know each other – and most likely you as well. This makes the social process easier and can often open the marketing angle to a more direct approach.

There is a downside to having a relatively small tightly knit community of followers – if you upset one of the followers, it will soon spread throughout the whole community. However, as in offline communities, it can be easier to seek forgiveness as well.

For most businesses, the scenario of having a tight community of followers is only a dream – yet in a way, that is what we should all be aiming for. Perhaps the mistake we are making with social media marketing is that it is too business oriented when it should be community oriented! Social media marketing may have limitations when it comes to local businesses – but that may be a good thing, not a negative.

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