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When it comes to optimizing your content for social media, are you including your e-mail content? That includes your e-mail newsletter, e-zine, and your special e-mail promotions. That also includes e-brochures, e-cards, or whatever else you send through e-mail.

Here are 4 ways to ensure that you make the most of your social media opportunities when optimizing your e-mail content for social sharing.

  • Add social buttons – This is the most basic way to encourage sharing your e-mail content. Do all your e-mails include buttons for social sharing?
  • Add links to your social media profiles – You can do this easily and without drawing undue attention to your links. Slip them in naturally and get you’ll get great responses.
  • Encourage discussion – Start a discussion about a topic on Facebook or Twitter, then link to it in your e-mail. Ask your subscribers to comment and join the discussion. You’ll be surprised at how many will do just that.
  • Send a separate e-mail – Instead of constantly promoting your social media profiles in your newsletter, send a separate e-mail inviting your subscribers to follow you. Tell them why they should follow you. Tell them what you are doing differently than your competition.

Social media optimization includes using your e-mail subscriber list to drive traffic to your profiles. Are you doing that effectively?

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