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Ask any Web marketer and they’ll tell you 100% growth in one year is fantastic. Ask them if 100% growth for a website that already has 10 million users is fantastic and they’ll tell you it’s phenomenal. This is the boat StumbleUpon is in. The site has reached the 20 million user mark.

So what’s that mean for you?

If you haven’t started using StumbleUpon yet, then now may be a good time. And I don’t mean just as a user. I also mean as a Web marketer.

Share your content, discover other people’s content, and give a big thumbs up to the content that you like. That’s how StumbleUpon works. It’s simple, it’s streamlined, and many people are finding it to be fun. I think you will too.

If you do use StumbleUpon, keep in mind why you are there. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of great websites. Spend a few minutes each day making friends, sharing content, stumbling sites, and thumbing up what you like. But don’t go overboard. You do have a business to run, you know.

I’d say add StumbleUpon to your regular routine of bookmarking sites to visit on a regular basis. It now is one of the most trafficked websites online.

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