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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a necessary tool in today’s world, but it will be a useless tool if your employees are not trained to handle social media correctly. Many reputation management challenges have been created by employees who posted foolish or detrimental things online, and it’s a lot easier to prevent problems than it is to try to repair damage.

Your employee represents your company.

Unless you are a self-employed superpower, you have employees. Most of the time, your customers are interacting with one of them instead of you. Without adequate training, you are hoping your employee makes the right guess about the way you want them to interact.

Many employees have no idea what your SMM plan is or how they are a part of it.

Unless you make sure employees know what is expected of them on social media, they may affect your brand from their own accounts, simply by naming you in an inappropriate post.

If employees handle your social media accounts, they need to have guidelines.

Unless you have clear policies on how quickly questions are answered, how to handle disgruntled complaints, and other online dilemmas; you are expecting that employee to read your mind.

Even if you are paying a professional team to manage your social media marketing, everybody who works for you should be properly trained on social media policies from the day they are hired. The goal of your marketing is bringing in more traffic, and your employees will be the ones handling that traffic. Social media training is an essential part of the process.

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