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You can’t hardly turn the TV on any more without hearing a tweet mentioned or see a Twitter account plugged. Major news outlets have Twitter accounts, and news is often first announced on Twitter. But that’s not enough for Twitter. They want to push further.

Twitter Amplify is Twitter’s advertising program, and they’ve announced some new partners:

  • A&E (@AETV)
  • theAudience
  • Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV)
  • Clear Channel (@ClearChannel)
  • Conde Nast (@CondeNastCorp)
  • Discovery (@Discovery)
  • Major League Baseball (@mlbdotcom)
  • National Cinemedia (@NCMonline)
  • New York Magazine (@NYMag)
  • PGA Tour (@PGATOUR)
  • PMC (@Variety)
  • Time Inc. (@Time_Inc)
  • VEVO (@VEVO)
  • Warner Music (@warnermusic)
  • WWE (@WWE)
  • VICE (@VICE)

Twitter calls these partnerships two-screen partnerships. Brands promote themselves through Promoted Tweets to remind viewers to tune into their TVs at the appropriate times to view their favorite shows and programming. And then the shows often tweet during the airings as well as immediately before and after.

Everything from news programs to sports can be seen on Twitter’s new Amplify.

So how can you turn this into a marketing opportunity for your business? You could contact Twitter and ask how you can participate in the Twitter Amplify program. If it works out, you could expand your audience and reach new people through Twitter and your TV screen.

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