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If you are a Twitter user then you can rejoice. By the end of the year Twitter is planning to roll out a real-time analytics tool. How useful will that be?

If you’ve been hesitating to use Twitter because you don’t see any way to measure your results then I’m sure you’ll agree that an analytics tool that measures real-time results could be quite valuable. But it all really depends on what the tool will measure.

There have been third-party analytics tools that have focused primarily on numbers of followers, retweets, and similar results. But I’m hoping that Twitter takes it a step further. I’d like to see which links are getting clicked on and how many clicks those links are attracting. That would probably be the most useful metric for any serious Twitter marketer.

Social media has reached an age that it can now be taken seriously. Twitter is a part of that movement along with Facebook and LinkedIn. But without a proper metric, or a tool that measures useful data, then the tools are not really helpful. That’s why I’m particularly excited about the prospect of a Twitter analytics tool.

Do you see this announcement as encouraging? Why or why not?

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