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An article in the New York Times about small businesses that Twitter offers a few tips on how to Twitter as a small business owner and one of the rules is “Don’t be boring.”

In fact, we summarize this article with the following points:

  • First, listen – Twitter is great for listening to your target audience. You can get some great feedback from your followers.
  • Don’t be boring – Emphasis mine. Hey, keep it interesting, or entertaining.
  • A live FAQ – Answering questions that your followers submit is better than having an FAQ on your website. It’s live and interactive.
  • Create a focus group – This format takes getting feedback a step further. It’s an interactive focus group. The example in the NYT is a bakery that invited followers to show up at the store and taste a recipe then give feedback on it. That’s one way to get them into your store!
  • Start a soapbox (for thinkers) – This is a pretty popular Twitter strategy, but one that works. Submit links to interesting articles about your niche. Make them interesting! But you are getting people thinking and if you do this well you’ll turn those links into interesting questions that your followers can answer.
  • Start small – Really, there’s no shame in being small. You don’t have to have 100,000 followers to be successful with Twitter. Some of the most successful Twitterers have only 1,000 followers, or less.

Twitter is a useful tool and nothing to be afraid of. Take some time to familiarize yourself with it before you jump in. Then, when you’re ready, develop a social media strategy for your Twittering.

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