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What’s the best social network for generating business-to-business leads? If you guessed LinkedIn, sorry. You’re wrong. It’s actually Twitter.

In fact, it’s been Twitter for a long time. And this story confirms it.

While Facebook is better for generating traffic, Twitter is the best platform for channeling leads. It’s easy to understand why when you think you about it. Twitter is a massive opt-in list.

People follow you if they think you have something to say that will benefit them. If you follow through and deliver on that expectation, then you can lure them deeper into your marketing funnel. The key is to make your Twitter stream a valuable resource, not a place where you throw out marketing messages no one wants to read.

Essentially, if all you do on Twitter is self-promotion, then you’ll kill your lead generation, but if you provide valuable information in a tight niche, then you build value. People will then be more receptive to your come-ons and appeals for business. That’s where you can cash in on your lead generation efforts.

Here’s the lesson: Learn where your audience hangs out. Then, spend your time there providing valuable information for them.

If you follow that one maxim, your lead generation efforts will pay off – whether you do it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or somewhere else.

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