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Both Google and Bing have a product called Trends. It seems like a search engine-y thing to do. But these services really just convey information about what searches are popular right now. They measure what people are searching for on the respective search engine for the moment. If you’re signed into your Google+ account, then you can see that information for Google+.

Until now, Twitter has been showing users what topics are trending, but those topics may or may not have any particular interest for you. They’ve been fairly generic.

Recently, however, Twitter has announced that it will soon be rolling out a “tailored trends” service. Sounds unique doesn’t it?

Actually, it is. Twitter is saying that users will be able to select the trends they see based on their own location and who they are following. In other words, if you follow a lot of celebrities, then you’ll be able to see trending topics related to celebrities. If you are in the U.S., then the trending topics you see will be related to the geographic area in which you live.

This could actually be a useful service. It certainly will be unique. But will it be enough to make Twitter competitive?

What do you think? Can Twitter compete with Google+ and Facebook or is it a social media has-been trying to be relevant again?

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