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A post at Constant Contact shares 21 ways non-profits can use Facebook. You can use these same tactics to promote your business. Here are 21 outstanding ways to market your business through Facebook.

  1. Shoot videos of your employees working.
  2. Share your company history on your Facebook page.
  3. Make good use of all of Facebook’s tabs.
  4. Use as many of the tabs as you can for your business.
  5. Take a survey.
  6. Share your customer testimonials.
  7. Take candid photos of your staff doing what they do and share it on Facebook.
  8. Get customer approval first, but show them being happy with the results they got.
  9. Link to press releases and press coverage of your business and its events.
  10. Link to relevant legislation that affects your business.
  11. Ask for comments on your page.
  12. Take pictures of your events and post them on Facebook.
  13. Post event invitations.
  14. Educate consumers.
  15. Share private feedback from customers (but get their permission first).
  16. Tag your partners and suppliers in posts that are relevant to them.
  17. Share news of common interest with your fans. It doesn’t even have to be about you.
  18. Sum up your business’s mission with your cover photo.
  19. Share awards you win as a company.
  20. Welcome new customers. However, if customers expect confidentiality, then get their permission first.
  21. Have a contest or a promotion.

Facebook is an incredible marketing tool. Most businesses aren’t using it to its fullest potential. Are you?

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