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Mashable proclaims that job seekers are more likely to get hired if found through social media. In an uncanny way, this sort of validates social media marketing.

While the article doesn’t go into detail about the tactics companies are using to find employees using social media, the fact that they do shows yet another valuable purpose for being on social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. It isn’t just one big online party.

If companies are hiring employees through social media, you can bet they’re also finding vendors through social media.

A company willing to invest in the time and expense of social media job recruiting is a company that obviously sees value in the platform. Therefore, you can ask what other activities they might be using social media for. The obvious choice is marketing.

If your competition is marketing through social media and seeing results, then it’s a good bet that you should probably find a way to get into that marketing, as well. Not only that, but employing social media tactics to learn about your competition while engaging in competitive analysis may also be a solid reason to work the social media scene.

What are you doing on social media? Are you recruiting candidates for jobs, marketing, or spying on your competition?

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