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Everyone wants their product or service to receive good reviews. Unfortunately, bad reviews happen. How you perceive and respond to those bad reviews, however, can lead to positive results for your company or negative results. If you want to see the most positive results for your product or service reviews, try to refrain from attacking your reviewers after they have reviewed your product negatively.

James Redner could have used that advice recently.

Redner, a representative of The Redner Group PR firm, represented 2K, which is the creator of Duke Nukem Forever. After several reviewers gave the game a bad review, Redner lashed out on Twitter. He was later fired.

The outburst may have been justified, but it’s rarely a good idea to lash out against reviewers who give you a bad review. Instead, try to learn from their comments and move forward with providing your customers the best products and services available.

If you feel the need to respond to negative reviews, do so respectfully. Try to keep the following points in mind:

  • Instead of telling reviewers they are wrong, offer reasons why you think your product is a good product and invite users to respond on your blog.
  • Start a discussion about your product, not the review.
  • Try to keep the conversation going on your web properties, not elsewhere on the web (such as Facebook and Twitter).
  • Make your product or service the focus.
  • Ask your product users if they agree or disagree with the review. People trust users more than they trust reviewers.
  • Be thankful to all reviewers even if they give a bad review. They are, after all, giving you free publicity.
  • Keep your message positive.

If you use social media effectively and keep your comments focused on the benefits of your product or service instead of on bad reviews, then you can often turn a negative into a positive.

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