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If you’ve heard that social media is free and decided that you wanted to jump in on the action, start marketing your business on Facebook, and hope that it leads to new business, allow me to burst your bubble. Social media is not free.

Someone on your staff has to do the work, right? Suppose that person makes $30,000 a year in salary and they spend 20% of their time managing your social media campaigns. Your cost is $6,000 a year. Now what’s your return?

I’m not saying that measuring ROI on social media is easy, nor am I saying it’s desirable. Do you measure ROI on taking out the trash?

Not all activities can be measured in hard money. You do some things just because you know it benefits your business, even if you can’t measure the results. The good news is that you CAN measure some of the results of social media. And it DOES cost you money.

Since social media isn’t free, why not spend a little extra and have a professional who understands the differences between the various networks manage your campaigns? By hiring someone who knows how to navigate social media and present your message professionally and clearly managing your social media campaigns, you ensure that when you do spend money on it that you increase your chances of seeing a positive return.

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