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StumbleUpon is a website that is often billed as one of the most trafficked social media sites online, however, it rarely makes it to the top websites on the web list. I’ll let you decide what to make of that, but I think StumbleUpon is a great website to get to know for a few reasons.

First, StumbleUpon is notorious for sending websites tons of great traffic. It doesn’t take a lot of effort either.

Secondly, StumbleUpon is a website where you can discover other great websites on topics that interest you. There are primarily three ways to search for websites at StumbleUpon:

  • Other Stumblers/Friends – You can search the Stumbles of your friends simply by visiting their Stumble pages, called blogs. If you download the StumbleUpon toolbar, you can do that directly through the toolbar. Just click on the Stumblers button and you’ll be taken to your list of friends where you can pick the friend and Stumble through their Stumbles.
  • By Topic – Another way to search StumbleUpon is by topic. You have your favorite topics and StumbleUpon uses those to help you find websites related to those. Perform a search and find other websites like those you have Liked in the past.
  • Channels – You can also search by channels. There is a YouTube channel, an All channel, a friends channel, an images channel, and a videos channel. These channels allow you to search for specific types of content based on your previous Likes.

So now that you know how to find websites through StumbleUpon, how do you promote them through StumbleUpon? Two ways.

The first way is to Like the website. This adds the site to your Stumble blog and you can add a description that allows you to elaborate on why you like the site. The second way is to share that web page with your friends. You can actually do both.

Often, it is best to send out your content to your friends first. Let someone else be the discoverer of your content. On StumbleUpon, whoever is the first person to Stumble a site is listed as the discoverer. You don’t want to get a reputation for being the discoverer of your own content over and over again. So try to encourage your friends to discover your content. You can then Like it after it has been discovered.

StumbleUpon is a great source of web traffic. If you use it effectively, it can deliver great traffic to your website.

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