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It’s no secret now that social media is a huge traffic driver these days. Both Facebook and Twitter drive loads of traffic to websites that use them well. And now that Facebook has surpassed Google as the most trafficked website online, I think it’s just a matter of time before Facebook also becomes the biggest traffic source for most websites online.

SEOs and Internet marketers are accustomed to saying that 80% of website traffic comes from search engines, although that hasn’t been true for probably about a year now. Social media has picked up a lot of steam – obviously. YouTube has long been considered the No. 2 search engine. As previously noted, Facebook is now the most trafficked website online. Hey, things change.

So my question to you is, when will Facebook surpass Google in terms of being the website that pushes the most traffic to webmasters? Do you think it will happen this year? Next year? Never?

My personal prediction is that it will happen some time in the next year or two. By 2014, Facebook will be the biggest source of traffic for most websites. It won’t be Google any more. But that doesn’t mean that Google will be irrelevant. It will just mean we’ve entered a new phase of Internet marketing.

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