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Chris Crum at WebProNews suggested that Facebook replace it Notes tab with a Blog tab. It’s not a bad idea.

Facebook users would gain an immediate benefit if Facebook offered blogging. No. 1, the built in Facebook user base would be incredible. This is now the second most visited site online, right behind Google. Facebook could compete head on with Google’s Blogger and actually do well.

Not only would users of Facebook benefit with that feature, but Facebook itself would benefit as it would see an immediate increase in user-generated content, improve its search engine friendliness and more people would stay on the website longer. But would a Facebook blog improve social media optimization (SMO)?

I believe it would improve search engine optimization for anyone who had a Facebook blog. I also believe it would improve SMO in a number of ways.

  1. First and foremost, Facebook users would likely connect more through a blog
  2. A blog could be brandable just like a Facebook page
  3. With thousands of Facebook blogs pumping out content on a regular basis, Facebook would likely see more Twitter traffic
  4. Widgetized blogs would likely lead to more video sharing on Facebook

I don’t really see any negatives in the prospect of adding a Facebook blog. Do you?

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