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If you haven’t noticed, there’s a full on war going on between Google+ and Facebook, which is interesting because they may not really be competing.

Google+ is really all about integrating all of Google’s services into one service that ties them all together socially. Facebook is just about connection. Period. Always has been.

Later this month Facebook will introduce its Timeline across the board to every user. How will that change things?

First, you’ll be able to add a huge header at the top of your Timeline to define who you are and what you’re about. That’s a very important branding element for small business owners who are using Facebook for marketing.

The Timeline is being billed as the story of your life. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, it could just as well be the story of your business’s life. And that’s huge. But is it really a whole lot different than what you have now?

It will be easier to search for past events in your Timeline – for you and for your subscribers.

Oh, and speaking of subscribers, that’s something else Facebook has added. Instead of friending everyone who asks, just get them to subscribe to your public updates. You could build a business on subscribers alone. What do you think of that?

A couple of weeks ago Facebook added some new features that improve its interface and allow small business owners the ability to reach more people and manage their profiles better. One of those new features is “Subscriptions.” But you have to activate the feature.

Why would you want to activate Facebook Subscriptions? Plain and simply, because it allows others to follow your Facebook updates without friending you. That’s a benefit to you since you don’t have to be bothered with friending them back and being inundated with status updates for everyone who falls into that category.

People will use the Subscription feature to see if you are someone they want to friend. If your status updates are useful to them, then they’ll friend you. So it’s a good way to screen people to see if you want them to be your friend or not.

To activate your subscriptions, go to your Facebook profile and click on your name to go to your home page. Under your profile photo, click Subscriptions. On the right tab you’ll see a button labeled “Allow Subscriptions.” Click it. Then you can edit your permissions to determine who can leave comments and participate on your wall.

Facebook is beginning to become a useful marketing tool for small businesses. But you have to use intelligently.