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One marketer takes issue with companies that promise you the moon and the stars – or 1,000 Facebook Likes – in exchange for your hard-earned money. I totally understand why.

Here’s what’s happening:

Most clients pay this company between $1,000 and $3,000 dollars a month and this company increases their “Likes” exponentially. It works; they do gain these clients thousands of Likes in a very short period of time (two to four months.) Most of the posts that gain these Likes are similar to those pictured above – 4 or 5 of these a day – sometimes posted within seconds of each other at 6am.

Have you paid someone $1,000 to get you a lot of Likes with Facebook questions such as “Like this page if you’re glad it’s Friday?” If so, shame on you.

Those types of Likes are low-value Likes. That’s not to say that all Likes are low value. You have to be careful who you’re asking to Like you, what exactly you are asking them to Like, and why you’re asking them in the first place. All those things affect your bottom line.

The real value of a Facebook Like is not in the Like, but in what happens after the Like. Do you get them to your website? If so, do they stay? Do they buy something? Is your bottom line affected in proportion to the amount of money you spend on the campaign? If not, why not?

Facebook marketing works if you do it the right way. The wrong way is to spend money on low-value Likes that don’t lead to business. Targeted marketing is the best approach – even on Facebook. Don’t lose your head, and your pocketbook, chasing Likes.