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What is the second largest search tool on the Internet? YouTube. In fact, there are more daily searches on YouTube than there are on Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook or Twitter – combined. If you target Google for search traffic then you should also consider YouTube and all it takes is a few well optimized videos. Here are 10 essential components to a well optimized video.

  1. Valuable Content – don’t confuse value with quality. When it comes to quality, most people refer to sound, lighting and other production techniques. Value in a video is what will make it popular, be it humor, music, or an easy-to-follow how-to video.
  2. Keyword Rich Titles – be sure your titles are accurate and keyword rich, they may also appear in traditional search results.
  3. Video Tags – use tags that properly identify the videos content
  4. Video Description – like the title and tags, be sure to use a keyword rich description that accurately describes the video’s contents. Remember also that the description is your sales line to attract viewers.
  5. Categories – accuracy is important with today’s videos so be sure to select the right category for your video.
  6. Video Transcriptions – it doesn’t take long now to create a video transcription – Be sure it is well optimized for your keywords and upload it with the video.
  7. Captions – the use of captions is becoming popular so use them where they may be appropriate.
  8. Geographic Locations – if geographic location is important, be sure to included it in areas such as description and keywords.
  9. Annotate And Link –  Use annotations and be sure to link to any other videos you may have.
  10. Promote – promote your videos at every opportunity. Refer friends to your new creations and ask them to share with their friends. If you have a Facebook or Twitter profile, share the video link with them as well.

By following those 10 steps, you should have a video that provides some sort of value to viewers, and that is well optimized to appear in YouTube (and organic) search results. Of course, you can always engage a professional video creation team to do it all for you.

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