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“The bulk of online video advertising today is simply repurposed television spots, yet the devices where consumers spend the most time are completely interactive with just a swipe or tap,” said Doron Wesly, Head of Market Strategy at Tremor Video. “We want to help marketers realize the opportunity in front of them: the potential for a consumer to spend nearly a minute with a 15 second ad.”

A recent study of mobile video advertising has identified areas that can definitely be improved in this growing field. “Crème de la Crème: A Guide to Creating Successful Mobile Video Advertising Units” takes a look at over 300 interactive video campaigns, examines the results of 20 outliers and identifies trends. Here is a quick look at the foundational suggestions researchers have made:

  1. Entice and Intrigue by giving a taste of your brand and encouraging interaction to get more.
  2. Bring Them In with visual appeal that aligns design, technology, and medium instead of encouraging “tap-out”.
  3. Symphony Not Noise means the ad should sing and flow like a story, simple to follow and consistent.
  4. Make Them Feel _______ enhance the emotional connections already present with mobile devices.
  5. Catch the Moment reminds marketers that mobile is a first-screen experience for most users so plan for it.

The overall message is that video and mobile devices blend in a far more interactive way than television ads ever could. This potential has not been fully explored and savvy marketers are already looking for ways to create video that builds on these five suggestions and open up new frontiers.

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