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Video marketing is becoming more and more powerful, and competitive. It’s also one of the best ways to SEO your website. And I mean beyond building inbound links.

Here are 5 SE0 tactics to ensure you employ when conducting your ongoing video marketing:

  1. Submit to more than just YouTube – There are at least 50 video sharing websites online. You should upload every video to YouTube and at least 10 of the more popular video sites in addition to YouTube.
  2. Optimize your video titles – Make sure the title on each video you upload to the various sites mentioned above is unique. If you share one video to ten sites, then you should have ten unique titles. Each of them should use your primary keyword. Also, optimize your description and tags for each video on each site.
  3. Embed your video on your website and/or blog – Google is now indexing embedded videos on websites and sending traffic directly to those sites.
  4. Add a niche-related video section on your website – This will encourage other people in your niche to share their videos on your website. More content equals more SEO.
  5. Create a video sitemap – Sitemaps help search engines find pages to index. If you have a lot of videos on your website, then you should create a video sitemap.

Video optimization is one of the most important activities you can perform if you use videos in your marketing – and you should!

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