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Video production is a worthwhile endeavor if you have a purpose. And video marketing certainly can deliver traffic if handled with the right amount of patience, a good plan, and a good video.

Before you start your video production you should ask yourself a handful of questions. Start with these:

  1. Who is your audience? – I don’t just mean your business target. I mean the target audience for your video. Narrow it down to a specific subset of your total audience. Not all marketing messages will appeal to every segment of your audience, so define the audience for that specific video.
  2. What is your budget? – Budget matters. If you want to include a particular element in your video but budget constraints won’t allow it, you need to know that before you start production.
  3. What is the goal for this video? – Without a well-written objective you likely will not meet it. Know exactly what you want your video to accomplish for you before you start producing it.
  4. Does it tie in to another promotion? – If so, which one? Some videos are standalone. They are their own promotion. That’s fine, but if your video is being produced to tie into another promotion, then you need the input of the team that is putting that other promotion together.
  5. What is your deadline? – Define your deadline before you begin. Then work hard to stay on schedule.

Every aspect of your video production and timeline need to be defined before you begin production. Don’t leave anything to chance.

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