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When you decide to market yourself using videos, whether you plan to upload to YouTube and Vimeo or place them on your own website, you’ll need to start somewhere. I recommend that you plan your video from beginning to end before you start shooting. And that includes writing a script.

Why do you need a video script? Two reasons:

  1. A script will help you keep your video on track. If you don’t veer from the script, then your end product will look pretty close to what you had in mind when you started. That’s exactly what you want.
  2. It will save you a lot of time.

Because the script is what keeps you on track, you will save a lot of time in the long run. There won’t be any running around in circles trying to figure out what to do next. You’ll have a script to follow. It will also cut down on chasing rabbit trails. Creative people often get an idea right in the middle of a project. You can always point to your script and say, “That doesn’t fit into the plan.”

Of course, if a really good idea does present itself in the middle of your video project, you can always scratch the script and start over. But be sure that, No. 1, the idea really is a good one, and No. 2, that you don’t try to incorporate it into the ongoing project you’ve started. You must either finish the one you’re working on and make your mid-stride idea a new project, or scratch the video project you’re working on and make your mid-stride idea a new project.

So how do you know when to scrap a video project? There are several ways to look at that. If it’s too costly to gain any real ROI from it, then it doesn’t need to go forward. If you’ve veered from your script and the project is getting out of control, you may need to start the planning process over so you can get back on track. If the video is really not fitting into your overall marketing plan, then you don’t want it going public.

Good marketing videos start with a plan. Your plan must include a well-written script that everyone can follow, and the end result should be known by the whole team before you start shooting.

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