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You’ve likely heard that video marketing is the next big thing in Internet marketing. That’s true. It really has come of age and we believe it will get even better. But if you look at a lot of videos online they don’t look like they were produced by a professional – and I’m talking about your marketing videos.

There’s no reason you can’t have a professional video made for your business and put on your website. And there’s no reason you can’t follow that up with more professional videos to use as marketing tools to drive traffic back to your website.

The question is, what makes a professional video?

It isn’t as hard as you’d think. Sure, it takes planning and a little work, but you can get professional quality video production at a small business price. Here’s what you need:

  • A solid plan
  • Several distribution channels
  • On-location production
  • Filmed in DV or HDV format
  • Professional scriptwriting
  • Teleprompter
  • Proper lighting
  • Professional video editing
  • Expert post-production skills
  • Website video integration with Flash or other acceptable format

Your video production team should be made of up of professionals with some experience, not some small group of first-timers who know how to post to YouTube. And don’t laugh at the teleprompter. It’s a necessary component to professionally made videos. That teleprompter is going to keep you in line. You’d be surprised at how you can make simple mistakes in front of the camera even after you’ve run through fifteen perfect rehearsals without the camera.

When you’re ready for a professional video production, call someone with experience.


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