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Google+ Hangouts just keeps getting better. Did you know you can livestream your hangouts over YouTube, and even on your own website?

It’s true. All you need is a computer, a Google+ account, and a webcam. Then you can plan, schedule, and broadcast your very own Hangout. You can use your Hangout for anything you want. Here are a few ways you can use Google+ Hangouts:

  • Hold a series of classes or workshops
  • Host a webinar
  • Answer customer service questions in realtime
  • Take care of customer service issues with multiple people having the same problem at the same time
  • Make an important announcement about your business
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Conduct private business meetings
  • Present awards, promotions or other honors across great distances

I’m sure you can think of other uses for Google+ Hangouts. The cool thing about Hangouts is that they are free. Instead of paying for meeting or webinar meetings, you can have them on Google+ for free. And you can livestream them over YouTube or your own website – again, for free.

Innovative online marketers are always trying something new and always testing the latest technology available to them. Google+ Hangouts is still new enough that you can be on the ground floor.

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