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Funny videos get shared — the humorous clip is most apt to go viral. But creating a funny video that doesn’t stray over the line of what viewers think is offensive is a difficult task. Lisa Lacy just gave us Creating Funny Videos: A How-To for Brands on Mashable. In the article, Caleb Hanson(vice president of product for interactive video firm Rapt Media) says that humor is based on a harmless violation but,  “A joke can be too benign, and come off as lame, or be too much of a violation and come off as offensive. Either way, the brand suffers, and with video being so shareable, a misstep can have immense reach.”

The Challenge of Humor For Branded Videos

So the challenge to a business is creating videos that don’t violate topics that people consider important but still have that “humorous” poke at the world as we know it — and we recognize ourselves in the video without being offended. Here is the list of best practices:

  • make it relatable
  • don’t rely entirely on big names
  • don’t be long-winded
  • don’t focus on a single product
  • create a distribution strategy
  • reinforce the brand benefit

The Value of Humor in Branded Videos

Humor can increase the engagement a viewer has with a brand IF a key brand benefit or value is reinforced. To quote Caleb Hanson:

 “…something interactive that pulls the user in and engages them has better results than something that’s a passive experience. In a sense, the interactions can work as minor conversions. Once the viewer has invested in the video experience, they’re already a user, and you’ve broken down the barrier between the video and the website. Going a little further to convert the user into a lead or a customer is easier once they’ve already gone over the first hurdle.”

Funny videos are a tricky endeavor since they must be done with a thorough understanding of your audience. But they can become memorable assets for a business if done right. There’s a lot more about video production at


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