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If you are regularly publishing videos on your site, then it may pay to add a video sitemap. Sitemaps are important tools that assist a search engine locate your web pages. A video sitemap, therefore, will help search engines locate your videos.

One of the benefits of a video sitemap is that you don’t have to host the video on your site. You can host them on YouTube or one of the other video hosting sites. All you need do is publish those videos on your website.

So why do you need a video sitemap? Videos are themselves becoming important traffic generators. Videos are now appearing in organic search results, so in theory, the more videos you have indexed, the more likely they are to appear in a set of of search results. Ideally, you will have optimized those videos with proper alt tags and titles – this will ensure your videos are associated with the correct keywords.

Videos have become popular marketing tools for many website owners, and the use of video, particularly well-created videos, is proving to be popular with website visitors. For website owners, there is no such thing as too much promotion when it comes to providing search engines with the data they want – and yes, search engines like Google want to see sitemaps, video sitemaps included.

With this in mind, asking if a video sitemap is really important becomes redundant – it’s essential if you publish videos. In fact, if you create videos that you host on YouTube, it may make sense to publish them all on your website – all on different pages, of course. A video sitemap then adds that extra touch to SEO campaigns.

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