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We haven’t heard much from Yahoo! in recent months, but new CEO Marissa Mayer, who had lived at Google for a long time before moving to take over Yahoo!, has high hopes:

Mayer said that the biggest opportunities for Yahoo lie in “search, display, mobile and video,” and, in search, especially, Mayer still sees “a lot of headroom.” On top of that, Yahoo’s focus going forward will be to improve engagement, with the key being personalization.

The interesting thing about this is, I believe Yahoo! could actually pull it off. Acquisitions in these areas in the last few months gives Yahoo! at least a fighting chance. Two of those acquisitions include OnTheAir and Stamped.

Mobile And Video: Will They Save Yahoo!?

OnTheAir is a video app that allows users to set up their own webinar. If Yahoo! can capitalize on this technology, they could give Google a run for their money in competition with Google Hangouts.

Stamped is a mobile app, and I think this is where the real opportunity lies for Yahoo! Nobody dominates mobile search, but if Yahoo! can take Stamped and turn it into a competitive product or service, along with decent revenues, then they can establish a big foot in the door. All they need is a profitable service to give them enough financial clout to carry on with other endeavors – like video.

In order to compete well with Google Hangouts, Yahoo! will need to integrate its video live streaming with a video sharing component. Most likely, that will be Flickr, who already has a huge base of users in the photo sharing space.

It will be interesting to see if Yahoo! can build a search product that competes with Google. I’m rooting for them.

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