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Online videos – for some business owners, they have proven to be a godsend. For others, they are an area that’s too scary to venture into. For the latter, relax and check out what your competitors are doing in the area of video production and publishing.  Videos are now a proven valuable marketing tool, even inexpensive home made videos.

Are professional videos better? It actually depends on what sort of image you are trying to create. If your business is targeting younger adults and you are using a fun, happy-go-lucky approach, then wacky home made videos could be all that is needed – in fact, the wackier the better. If your business is a little more on the serious side, then having a professionally produced video could well produce dividends.  What is interesting are the number of seemingly wacky home made videos that are actually professionally produced and the number of professional looking videos that are home made – in some cases, I dare you to pick them!

But can videos make a real difference? One of the heaviest trafficked sites is YouTube and websites that do incorporate videos report strong viewing statistics. If you are looking for viral content, then videos are just as likely to go viral as a photo or story – in some cases more so.

Video for video sake is not likely to make much of a difference. However, if you have something to say, a point to make, or can make life easier for your customers (for example, step-by-step how-to videos), then videos can make a significant difference to your business’s overall reputation. Good videos are also valuable for building brand awareness. If you’re not sure if video is right for your business, ask a professional in the online video marketing business.

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