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A new study in video ad marketing suggests that you should start your video with a surprise to engage your audience, then quickly shift to something uplifting that inspires joy. That is, if you want to keep your audience engaged.


The key is engagement. I grant you that. But how you engage your audience depends on a number of factors including your product and brand and your audience. Duh.

I don’t discount that surprise engages an audience. I also don’t discount that elements of joy within your video will keep your audience engaged. I do discount any notion that the key to effective video marketing is to use these two elements back to back. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Marketing Pilgrim intended to say, and almost equally sure the study wasn’t conducted to suggest that. But it doesn’t hurt to dispel the myth anyway.

To be effective in marketing through videos, you do have to have audience engagement. That means, don’t throw a TV-like commercial together and hope people will watch it.

Your video marketing will be more effective if you tell a story. People love stories.

Engage your audience using storytelling techniques while placing your product or brand into the story. That’s the most effective video marketing you can get. But your story has to be engaging. It can be funny or it can sad. It can even be scary or dramatic. But it should engage your audience and it should be appropriate for your brand, your product, and your company’s personality.

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