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There are three things that we know will always be true.

  1. Sex sells; dirty sex sells even more
  2. All marketers are liars (thanks Seth Godin)
  3. Video marketing is on the move toward the future

So what can we make of these three truths?

First, if you want to make your business popular, try one. Some marketers have been very adept at creating sexy marketing campaigns. Even when it wasn’t necessary. The sex caught people’s attention and the company was catapulted to notorious fame (think GoDaddy).

Of course, you can always stretch the truth a little bit. Exaggeration is not just a literary technique. It’s also a marketing principle.

But, better than sex and lies, video marketing has come of age. Savvy online marketers can produce high quality videos on a fraction of the budget that they used to be able to do. And you can distribute your high quality videos online to drive traffic to your website. You can do it all day long.

But I’d guess the best, most effective marketing strategy is to mix these three elements together. If you can create a high quality video that plays off sex and exaggeration (lies), then you can develop a buzz and watch your traffic soar. Is that what you really want, sex and lying notwithstanding?

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