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A few days ago we discussed tablets and how they’ve grown into one huge market on their own. Well, a new study confirms that finding and enhances it.

Tablet users now make up 31% of the market. That’s huge penetration and phenomenal growth since last year. What’s more, they are huge content consumers.

In fact, tablet users will pay for content and they will respond favorably to ads within that content. That might be a first.

How The Tablet Could Revolutionize Video Content

As previously mentioned, tablet owners can do all sorts of things on their devices including:

  • Read blogs, magazines, and newspapers,
  • Browse the web
  • Read e-books
  • Watch videos
  • Listen to the radio
  • Download apps
  • Play games

But what are they doing the most? Accessing content and watching videos.

94% of tablet users access content through their tablet weekly while 54% watch videos. When it comes to watching videos, the most popular types of videos accessed are short-form news and entertainment (92%). After that, it’s user generated content such as what you’d find on YouTube (64%).

So does this spell opportunity for video content producers? You bet it does. In fact, it spells sterling opportunity.

With tablet usage expected to grow beyond the current numbers, you could consider this moment in history an awesome opportunity for content creators of all kinds. If you are a content producer and you want to know where to capitalize next, consider the tablet. It’s got open arms.

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