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According to a recent report on Search Marketing Standard, one of the best ways to increase a page’s chances of appearing on the front page of search results is to include video. It seems a video has a better chance of gaining a high ranking than a page does. In fact, it’s commonsense, there are fewer videos on any given topic than there are pages.

What should make most small business marketers sit up and take notice is that viewing video was the second most important conversion after ad clicks. Consumers are looking to relate to businesses and video is proving to be one of the best tools for achieving this. A video allows a potential customer to hear and often see the person they are about to do business with – add some important data like contact details and you have a fairly useful tool.

Videos on their own can be a very important sales tool. If a potential consumer can see a product in action, see how easy it is to use as well as the end results, then they are more likely to consider purchasing it when compared to just a text-based landing page.  Naturally, the video needs to be well made and clearly address the issue it was designed to answer. The quality of video production is become more important as users get used to high quality material being produced.

For a video to make it to page one, it needs to be well optimized including, titles and tags. It is also helpful to have your video transcribed – this makes it easier for search engines to determine the video’s content, and content is one of the guiding factors in ranking any page or video for search results. Get your video right, have it well optimized, and place it on your landing page, and you may well see an increase in sales.

Market your video well through social media like Facebook and YouTube and it could also lead to an increase in traffic. If the video ranks well in search results, then an increase in traffic is almost assured. Video marketing – it seems it pays to start with your landing pages if you want to increase conversions.

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