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The Internet has changed forever how public relations is done. And that includes how press releases are written and distributed. One powerful emerging trend is the video press release.

There are multiple applications for the video press release. One very popular application is to use the video to accompany a written press release through online distribution. This method is powerful because it incorporates the traditional elements of press release writing with search engine optimization, social media promotion, and video or multimedia enhancement.

Another way to make video press releases work for you is to publish them on your own website. If you do a lot of public relations work, then you can have a page of your website set aside for press releases – and that includes video releases.

Of course, video press releases can also be distributed online as standalone public relations pieces. YouTube, Vimeo, and many other video promotion websites will take your video press release and make it available to their website visitors.

A multi-pronged approach is always best online. The more widely you distribute your content – whether it be SEO content, social content, or videos – the more likely you are to drive targeted traffic to your website. And you are likely to reach different segments of your market by making your videos more widely available.

Video press releases are powerful because they engage people on various levels – by sight, through audio, and visually. They are apt to spark an emotional response, a necessary component in any PR campaign.

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