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YouTube has opened up One Channel to the entire world. So what is it?

In a word, One Channel is YouTube’s new design platform that allows you to make your YouTube channel more accessible to more people. The prime feature of One Channel is that it makes your YouTube channel easier to experience on any digital device. No matter what kind of screen your video viewers are using, they can experience your videos.

That includes desktop machines, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, or any type of device with a digital display.

Check out this example of a YouTube One Channel design.

YouTube Is More Accessible Than Ever Before

YouTube One Channel isn’t just for independent movie makers. It’s for anyone who has a YouTube channel and makes videos for an audience. That includes online marketers.

No matter what niche you serve, if you have your own YouTube channel, then you should switch to the new YouTube One Channel design. If you aren’t producing your own videos on YouTube but you’ve considered it, then you should definitely put your eye on this new product because this is the future of video marketing.

I’m proud to see video marketing improving, especially on YouTube. This is one area where technology just keeps improving. It’s good to see it.

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