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It’s almost cliche to say it now. Video marketing is one of the most important forms of Internet marketing. I think it may even become more important in the near future. But what kind of video production is important? Right now, today?

I think it’s safe to say that you want quality. Quality is better than quantity. What good does it do to circulate 150 mediocre videos when you can produce 10 great videos and get a better response.

So how do you make a great video? It starts with a great script.

Here are some ways to ensure that you produce great videos for your video marketing campaign:

  • Make your video on location, not in a studio.
  • Film your video in DV or HDV format.
  • Use a teleprompter.
  • Make sure you employ professional lighting techniques.
  • Recognize that real quality takes place during the editing process.
  • Integrate Flash and other multimedia presentations whenever it makes sense.
  • Submit your video to the right marketing channels.

One aspect of video production that is often overlooked is the rehearsal and stage setting phase. Make sure you think through your entire production before you begin. Is it set in the right place for your concept? Have you thought about props, clothing, and costumes? And how much do you rehearse before you start filming?

These are important considerations. Be sure to use a teleprompter because it’s easy to forget your lines when the camera starts rolling. A teleprompter will cut down on the number of takes you need to complete your video production.

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