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Viral marketing has come a long way since the early days of e-mail marketing where the marketer sent out an e-mail and half his list forwarded it on to their friends. Then the next thing you know you’re hearing about the next Internet millionaire. You bought his book, right?

Actually, it probably didn’t quite work the way some of them said it did either. But viral marketing does work.

Here are 5 viral marketing methods that have been proven to work and that still work today:

  • Video Marketing – People love to watch YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the most viral websites online. One video getting a couple hundred thousand page views can make you a lot of money and increase your reputation. Videos are good viral marketing tools.
  • Article Marketing – Article marketing is an old form of marketing online, but it still works. Write an article, distribute to a few article directories, and see how many publishers pick it up for distribution. It still works.
  • Blogging – It seems like everyone is doing it, and maybe they are, but a well written blog post can attract a lot of attention. It usually happens by a few people linking to it and a couple of high profile people promoting it, but once your blog post goes viral there’s no stopping it.
  • Twitter – Twitter is the new kid on the block of viral marketing, but it sure is a cool tool. Build a list of devoted followers who watch (and listen) to what you have to say. Post some links and watch them go viral.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media is one highly misunderstood marketing form. It not only involves entities like Digg and Twitter, but your blog and Facebook are great tools on their own. Every social media site has its own idiosyncrasies and methods for distribution, but if you can figure it out, social media marketing is an awesome viral marketing tool.

Viral marketing often requires a plan, but it has been known to work spontaneously. The key is to deliver content that people can sink their teeth into. Make it great and it will go viral.

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