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Yesterday we talked a little bit about Google TV and how it will change Internet marketing in general. Today I’d like to narrow it down a little bit. Specifically, Google TV promises to make big changes to video marketing. But how?

I think the most obvious way that Google TV will change video marketing is in giving video marketers more options. Currently, you have a few online video directories – like Hulu and YouTube – where you can upload your videos.

All the video directories have their own unique spins and ways to profit from video marketing. YouTube is the most popular. Google TV promises is to make those video channels available to more people. It is no stretch of imagination to consider that people who are not currently on the Internet will have access to it through Google TV.

Another way video marketing will change with Google TV is with distribution. I don’t know if anyone has considered this yet, but can you imagine uploading your videos directly from your TV, VCR, or DVD player to an online directory like YouTube or MetaCafe? It might not seem possible now, but I think it could be possible in just a few years to convert analog video like VCR recordings into digital in a few clicks – and you’ll likely be able to do that on your TV.

A third way Google TV will change video marketing is by making the videos a higher quality.

If this seems like science fiction, it is. But the technology is available to make it happen so it isn’t far fetched. In what ways do you think Google TV will change video marketing?

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