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Viral marketing gets a lot of airplay, as well it should. Just one successful viral marketing campaign can put your company on the map in hardly no time at all. But how do you do it?

There are any number of ways to make a viral marketing campaign work. But if you want to make one work without much effort then you’ve got to get other people involved in the spreading of the virus – I mean, word. Perhaps the best way to get others involved in helping you spread the word is to give them an incentive. And the best way to do that is to provide them with rewards for their efforts. An affiliate program is the perfect choice.

While there are no guarantees, if you offer a lucrative opportunity for others to profit from your successful efforts then you’ll encourage them to spread the word for you. If you provide a good product or service, great support for your affiliates, and offer unbeatable rewards, they will do the legwork for you and deliver viral results while you sit back and watch.

OK, I wouldn’t encourage you to sit back and watch. But if you have a good army of affiliates working for you then you don’t have to work as hard to see your marketing efforts go viral. Affiliate marketing is where it’s at. Viral marketing is the result of a good product, a good affiliate program, and great rewards.

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