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God, we sure hope so.

Pardon the bad joke, but viral marketing is a misunderstood science. Too many webmasters think if they follow some blueprint then they’ll get boat loads of traffic overnight because they used so-and-so’s winning formula. But viral marketing is not about winning formulas. It’s largely a hit-and-miss proposition and some of the most successful viral marketers have more failed campaigns than successful ones.

The reason you hear so much hype around viral marketing initiatives is because the ones that win big really win big. That’s when people start talking.

But you don’t have to make a million dollars in order for your viral marketing efforts to pay off. You could have something go viral on a small scale and pay off. It just depends on the size of your market.

The main ingredient in any viral marketing campaign is creativity. You want your marketing campaign to target a specific market with something that will get their attention. When it does, they’ll talk about it. And they’ll help you market your business or product without so much as even a request. Often, you can’t even predict what will go viral. It sometimes is something you didn’t even plan on. When it is, you just grin and eat the butter.

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