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Viral marketing is a strategy that many business owners look at then shy away from. It is a difficult strategy and as we have mentioned frequently here, there are more failed attempts than successful. While it is an online phenomenon that you are hoping to achieve, that doesn’t mean there aren’t real world opportunities that you could take advantage of.

Consider what it is that makes a marketing strategy go viral. In simple terms, it is a snowballing process where each recipient passes it on to two or more of their friends. This could be an image, a video, or a page of written text. The concept is the same no matter the material. What is important is that it is real people who are the recipients, and where do you find ‘real’ people? In the real world!

Offline marketing can be cost effective, especially when compared to click through rates of banner and search advertising.  The cost of a thousand pamphlets can be similar to the cost of a thousand ad impressions, yet conversion rates can be far higher.  The key to creating a viral marketing campaign using real world marketing remains the same – the material must be worthy. There has to be value to everyone along the chain.

By encouraging others to first go online to experience your campaign and, secondly, to have them send the details to others can be hard. It can also be as simple as offering a free sample or trial. Online marketing is not restricted to the online world. Viral marketing is certainly not restricted to the online world. Have a look around and see whether or not there are real world opportunities to market your business. You never know, you may actually be introducing people to a new experience, not just dealing with you online, but doing business online for the first time – make it memorable for them.

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