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ReTweeting has become an important component of the Twitter experience and could perhaps create a Digg like experience for users. One gets the feeling that reTweets are now more important than the original Tweet and if the original Tweet has a marketing angle, the viral marketing angle can be tremendous.

As proof of the popularity of reTweets, Twitter is looking to add a re-Tweet function to the site. There are already plenty of third party re-Tweet options around already, each providing Digg like re-Tweet buttons.

WebProNews provides a list of the benefits of re-Tweets:

  • Retweets are viral
  • Retweets show up as top-level items in FriendFeed
  • As opposed to a Facebook “like,” a retweet is shared with everyone
  • Retweets typically give credit to sources
  • While giving credit to sources, retweets can lead to relationships
  • Susbstantial amounts of retweets can say a lot about the quality of content
  • Retweets can inspire further conversation
  • Retweets can be good for branding
  • Retweets can easily be shared across multiple networks, like Twitter, Friend, Facebook, etc.
  • Retweets can provide followers with additional value in quality content

The practice of re-Tweeting is growing and as businesses start to see the value in Twitter as a marketing tool – viral marketing will bloom.

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