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Viral marketing gets a lot hyper for good reason. There are plenty of ways to go about running a viral marketing campaign and achieving success. Here are some tips to help you in your next Twitter marketing campaign. How to go viral on Twitter:

  • Put some thought into your Twitter name. Try to get something that is easily brandable (and it helps if it matches the brand you’ve already created)
  • Use Twellow, Twitter Search, and such tools to find followers in the niche that you work in.
  • Maintain an active Twitter posture (10-20 tweets a day is ideal – not too many and just enough to keep your name in front of your followers)
  • Ensure that all of your tweets provide value related to your niche
  • Write a keyword-focused description on your Twitter profile
  • Use @replies to respond to your followers and build relationships
  • Retweet helpful tweets from others
  • Build up a sizable following (there’s power in numbers)
  • Stay away from automation whenever possible, but in light doses you can pre-schedule certain tweets that are recurring using services like Tweetlater and HootSuite
  • Put a Retweet button on your blog
  • Use Twitter Tools to automatically post your blog posts to your Twitter account

The key to going viral on Twitter is to build relationships with people in your niche who are like-minded and to provide value upon value upon value.

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