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When it comes to website design, there are very few absolutes. But I would argue that there are some, namely, the elements you choose to place above the fold.

Anything above the fold, that is the area that can be seen on any computer monitor in any browser without having to scroll down or over, is prime real estate no matter what website we are talking about. If you want to make the most of your website design, include these 5 elements above the fold.

  1. Your company logo – It goes without saying, but your logo should be above the fold. Preferably, it should go in the header. But you definitely want your website visitors to see it on your page, for branding purposes if anything.
  2. E-mail opt-in form – Do you have a mailing list? If so, make sure your opt-in form is visible above the fold. You will get a lot more opt ins.
  3. Navigational elements – People who visit your website want to find stuff quickly. Make it easy for them. Include your website’s navigation above the fold.
  4. Content – If the only thing your website visitors see when they arrive on your website is your header, then you will lose a large number of them. Make your header visible, but don’t let it take up the entire real estate above the fold. Include some valuable content in that space as well.
  5. Contact information – If you want people to call you, add your phone number to your website in a visible location above the fold. If you want them to Skype you, then make sure your Skype address is visible above the fold. Whatever your primary means of contact is, make it visible above the fold.

>Website design is a creative exercise. A lot of things can be left to the imagination of your designer, but make sure these elements are above the fold on every website you own.

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