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When it comes to world-class web design, there is more to building a good web site than looking pretty. The elements are complicated, but how they work together makes all the difference. And there’s not just one right way to do it either.

One of the least often thought about aspects of web design is hosting. Sure, everyone thinks about it, of course. They choose a host and build a website and upload it to their host’s servers. But few webmasters actually sit and think about the hosting needs of their website. But the features of your web host are just as important for web design as they are anything else.

For starters, do you need a dedicated host or will a shared hosting plan suit your needs? To be sure, a dedicated server is more secure. It’s also more costly.

Then there’s the database support. Do you need a Windows server or a Linux server? Do you know the difference?

What about special needs for e-commerce accommodation or huge file storage such as videos and audio files? Are those necessary in your business plan?

It will behoove you to research the web hosting options you have available to you and compare them with your web design needs before you purchase your domain name and select a host. While you can always move to another host and repoint your DNS servers to that new host, you don’t want to do that if you can avoid it. It’s best to start out in your permanent home.

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