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>Web design, site structure and internal linking can all lead to problems that can ultimately affect your search rankings.  A post on Bing’s Webmaster Center highlights the effect of poor design and what steps should be taken to ensure your web sites gains the most from your efforts.

There are times when the general theme coming from some blogs is that search engines are the enemy. In reality, if your site is providing valuable content then the search engines want it – they want to be able to tell the world about it. Rather than being the enemy, they can be a web site owners best friend. It’s simply matter of listening to what they want, how they want it presented and supplying it. As the Bing post stated:

….if your site’s structure is flawed or broken, then it will still not achieve the optimal page rank you desire from search engines.

It’s common sense. If the search engine bots cannot read certain pages – they won’t be indexed and if they are not  indexed, they won’t appear in the search results.

Simply tasks like using Redirects when pages are moves; adding a Robots file to block out certain areas of your website that don’t need indexing; and providing clear and keyword targeted page and directory titles should be standard practice.

If you can ensure your site is easily spidered by the bots then you should find your pages being indexed. If pages are not being indexed, have a closer look to try and determine why. Find and fix the issue and you will reap the rewards through search traffic.

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